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The daughter of Frank Condon (director/playwright) and Kim Simons (costume designer) Chloe's career in theatre started in 1st grade with a production of The Little Red Hen as "Hen". She then went on to play such emotional demanding roles as a lullaby league tot in the Wizard of Oz, and The Royal Tiger Keeper in The Apple Tree. After leaving her hometown Sacramento to attend San Francisco State University, Chloe began to perform in the Bay Area in a variety of shows including The Pirates of Penzance, Singin' in the Rain, Chess, Jerry Springer: The Opera, Gypsy, Xanadu, Hairspray, & My Way (to name a few). When Chloe is not performing on stage, she works for Codefresh as a Developer Evangelist.


Here are some quotes from Chloe's recent reviews:


"Chloe Condon gives us a Rosemary who’s as sweetly full of unshakeable conviction from the moment she first clamps eyes on Finch as she is at curtain call. That’s a tall order, but Condon’s Rosemary has a hint of depth missing from many productions."

"Nicole Frydman, as Smitty, matches Chloe Condon’s Rosemary, megawatt for megawatt. Their equal alignment boosts every song they sing together."
-Cy Ashley WEbb, Stark Insider
"Chloe Condon gives depth to the role of Rosemary. She had strong vocal cords in her rendition of "Happy to Keep HIs Dinner Warm" and "Paris Original"."
-Richard Conema
" ...and Chloe Condon is a sunny, bright-voiced Rosemary, the secretary who falls for him."
-Robert Hurwitt


"...Chloe Condon, with spot-on comic chops, stands out as Tracy’s best friend Penny." Leslie Katz, SF Examiner

"Tracy’s best friend, portrayed by Chloe Condon, makes for one of the most enjoyable and memorable characters of the musical. Condon gives the audience a treat with her awkward, exaggerated movements and her use of the shy, but sprightly character’s personality.." -Broadway World, Harmony Wheeler

"Elsewhere, with her squeaky voice, Chloe Condon is very funny as Tracy’s  geeky sidekick Penny, who suddenly fi nds herself, in 1962 Baltimore, in love with a black boy." -John Angell Grant


"...aided and abetted by spot-on drollery from Chloe Condon as Penny..." -Bay Stages Magazine


"Chloe Condon who appeared as Sally Brown in 42nd Street Moon production of “Snoopy!!!” was crowd pleasing singing “Green Finch and Linnet Bird” from “Sweeney Todd” and “Everybody Loves Louis” from “Sunday in the Park with George”." -Richard Conema


"Although the younger cast members acquit themselves marvelously, it’s the leads who earn major respect (Tony Panighetti as Shrek, Brian Dauglash as a garrulous Donkey and Chloe Condon as Fiona)." -Woody Weingarten, Berkeley Patch


"Condon possessed headstrong energy and searing wit... Whether she's killing birds with her falsetto, beheading Bambi, or tap-dancing with a chorus line of rats, Condon brings a signature verve and pomp to the princess oeuvre." -Anna Pulley, East Bay Express


"Tony Panighetti as Shrek, Chloe Condon as Fiona and Brian Dauglash as Donkey are simply superlative in every aspect. They all have beautiful voices, excellent characterizations and perfect timing." -Charles Jarrett, Rossmoor News


Here is a commercial from Chloe's production of Xanadu at the New Conservatory Theatre Center:


And here is a clip of Chloe singing part of Kerrigan and Lowdermilk's "Party Dress"  at Martunis!: